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Workshopholders 2016

Workshop 1
Friday June the 3th of 2016 -
"Let's be Linedanser for an evening"

After dinner friday we dance and sing some songs. Line Dance is as its name implies dancing in lines / rows where you dance alone and perform identical movements. Country LineDance as many call it, is danced to popular country tones, but there are line dancing in both roller, cha-cha-cha, rumba rhythm, Irish music and also the "ordinary" popular music entered the picture, and therefore the most right enough, only to call it Line Dance.
Workshop 2
Saturday, June 4th 2016 -
"Make your own lunch - Play money in the Hat"

We will be in the streets of Skanderborg from 10.00 - 12.00 a play akustic or half akustic in the streets. Perhaps we go in 4 groups, and play in the streets for 1½ - 2 hours.
After playing we go for lunch, and then to the concerts at Marius Øltapper 14.00 o'clock. We make concerts with all the bands.
As we did last year. 
Workshop 3
"Choir rehearsels with Steven Cameron" - Monday June the 6th of and Tuesday the 7th of june 2016
 Steve Cameron has formed his own choir The Gospel Calvary and the band, which he will tour with the whole country. Steve Cameron does not have its musical tradition from strangers, as he has been touring for twenty years with his mother. And in the role of choir director for four gospel choir, he has spread his experience and his commitment to gospel music. Next to gospel music, Steve has appeared on numerous CDs including Hanne Boel, Lars H.u.g. as well as Big Fat Snake. Soul / blues has a special place in his heart. This has also led to Steve formed the band B # Sharp, who play at many different occasions..


Workshop 4 

"Leadsingers and band rehearsels with Morten Marcher"  - Monday June the 6th of and Tuesday the 7th 2016.
Morten Marcher is leadsinger in the best U2 kopiband i DK perhaps in the world. He will support you in the process of learning the U2 songs Steven C. and Morten has decided shall be the 3 numbers